Pleasing your Hedonist Tendancies in Sophisticated Gluten-Free Style

Bacchanalia, [bak-uh-ney-lee-uh] noun. 1 a festival in honor of Bacchus. 2 a drunken feast; orgy. {Merriam-Webster} 3 the current and former number one restaurant in Atlanta in the Zagat Guide, featuring a five-course contemporary American meal, each of which is carefully crafted with local and organic ingredients and paired prudently with wines that compliment and highlight each of the unique, delicate conceptions. Note: Almost any combination of the five-course prix fixe dinner can be prepared completely gluten-free. {yours truly}

Yes, this takes the prize for most elegant and well-catered to gluten-free indulgence I’ve ever made. Though, let me put a disclaimer on this before I continue: it was not cheap. Or for that matter, neither was it even payable within my week-to-week food budget. I waited for the right time, and after several months of having to suffice with fantasizing about how every morsel on the ever-rotating menu would taste, the occasion finally came for me to sit on my throne as gluten-free king in the dimly-lit atmostphere of this Westside gem.

Take a look at the Star Provisions Group site and then find your way to Bacchanalia’s current 5-Course Prix Fixe Menu. I dare you.

And while you gaze at all the wonders that await you such as the Hawaiian Blue Prawns with Gazpacho, the North Georgia Rainbow Trout, or the Lamb prepared six ways, here’s some more food for thought: your gluten-free experience at Bacchanalia is not going to be the run-of-the-mill, ask which plates are gluten-free and then choose between the two or three on the menu that make the cut. At Bacchanalia, mention that you are gluten-free from the onset of your dining experience and, voila, the first four courses will all be catered accordingly. Meaning, gluten-freers, you can have anything you want here. I know this doesn’t happen very often, and you may feel confused, shocked and/or in utter disbelief. But take my word, fellow gluten-free ATLiens, the chef will prepare every dish as you need it to be, even bringing out gluten-free mid-course surprises in place of the breads and pastries that are otherwise presented.

For dessert, I was notified that the fig soufflé was the only dish that could be prepared gluten-free (go ahead and look back in the archives if you are unsure or want to learn more in regards to why creating delicious desserts are the toughest challenge in the gluten-free kitchen). But if I were to complain or even indirectly hint that my lack of options in the fifth course was an unsatisfactory aspect of my dining experience, I should hope the gluten-free gods would whack me over the head. The Celeste Fig Soufflé with Georgia Pecan Ice Cream may have just been the most memorable course. To revel in a dessert that has perfectly light texture, distinct and contrasting fig, nut and butter flavors and is, on top of all of that, gluten-free…this is one of the true sybaritic delights in life.

Image courtesy of Lindsay at, a guide to everything exciting, delicious and fun in ATL

So for all of the epicures and the lovers, the hedonists and, of course, the gluten-freers, if you do only one thing to treat yourself in Atlanta this year, do this. Maybe you have a special event coming up, but there need be no rhyme or reason. Let your gormandizing instincts go wild, and indulge yourself at Bacchanalia. Oh, and to start, may I suggest the Kumamoto Oysters and Sea Urchins with Prawn Consommé Gelee?


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